Jim Benedict

jim-benedictJim Benedict’s broadcasting “career” started as a preschooler when his dad gave him a handheld radio. By the age of nine he had disassembled (and ruined) five radios, a couple of record players, several tape recorders, and a television. Later, he used a science kit to Frankenstein his own little “living room” radio station, complete with tape deck and turntable. Jim has worked in radio since 2002, first as a weekend news anchor for WFNC News Talk Radio in Fayetteville, North Carolina. From 2004 to 2006, he was here at WLHC, hosting afternoons and producing commercials. Since 2006, among other things, he’s done freelance voice work and acting on local TV. And in 2008, he was hired as the face of television’s “Digital Transition” for a show entitled “DTV 411,” produced by the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters and for which he holds two regional Emmy awards.

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