Grace Notes

19.20 – Maurice Barnes

Maurice Barnes - a North Carolina native grateful for the support and encouragement of the community in which he grew up. Maurice has made it his mission to translate those values of an earlier generation for the benefit of black youth today in that same community. In one of North Carolina's more forward-looking city school systems, he coordinates a program called "The Gentlemen's Agreement," and his passion and his perspective on freedom and the human spirit, are inspiring.

19.17 – Buddy Michaels

A special Father's Day edition of Grace Notes, featuring our own Buddy Michaels – actually, Buddy's dad more than Buddy. You may know Buddy as the host of our Saturday Morning Bluegrass Show, "Hometown Festival," and, storyteller that he is, after hearing him talk about his father, we persuaded him to join us in the studio on the other side of the mic to share some of those stories. Buddy's dad grew up on an Indian Reservation in Minnesota, joined the Navy during World War II, fell in love and started a family, and eventually came to own his own welding business. He taught his four sons what it means to work hard but also how to have fun and the value of doing what you enjoy and what you're good at. Although he's been gone some nine years now, his influence on Buddy is as fresh as ever.

19.16 – Sandy Hatley

Sandy Hatley is a retired school teacher from Stanly County with a passion for bluegrass music and a contagious zest for life. As a girl, she fell in love with the banjo and not long after that became a member of one of the first all-female bluegrass bands. She met her husband at a fiddler's convention and they still perform as members of the Hatley family band. Sandy is also an ambassador for all things agricultural, and her spiritual perspective is genuine and inspiring.

19.14 – Aaron Landry

From an early age, Aaron Landry learned about stewardship and the importance of leadership from his parents, and he has made those values a priority in his adult life - within his community, in his church, in his career, and as a husband and father. Encouraging other men to take leadership roles in their personal spheres of influence is Aaron's passion, and he has been instrumental in establishing and leading local nonprofits grounded on that mission.

19.11 – Jim Prim

Jim Prim is honored to have spent much of his career working for NASA - particularly in the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs. He'll share stories of American Heroes like Alan Shepard and John Glenn whom he worked closely with in simulators and training situations, as well as his family's personal relationship with Neil Armstrong and his family.

19.09 – Laura Layton

Laura Layton is a social worker for whom her employment has always been more than just a job. Raised in Illinois, Laura was on track to get a business degree when the hospitalization of two family members opened her eyes to the need for qualified and compassionate social workers. Laura has worked on behalf of people of all ages and circumstances, and has for some years now served kidney dialysis patients. Her insight on their struggles and her personal investment in their lives is thought-provoking and inspiring.

19.08 – Avron Upchurch

Avron Upchurch traces his lifelong interest in agriculture back to his days growing up on the family farm during the depression. And his patriotism was solidified when his formal education was interrupted by his military service in Europe during the Korean War. Married now for some 67 years, Avron with the support of his wife, Mary, has influenced thousands through our Community College System, through prison education, through programs for the mentally disabled, and through the cooperative extension's master gardener program. His priority for service and his down-to-earth spiritual perspective and inspiring.

19.06 – Pamela Peterson Dickens

Pamela Peterson-Dickens, a mother, business owner, and the founder and director of a non-profit organization, Help Make A Difference Outreach, whose motto is "Don't Cry, But Try." When Pamela sees need in her community, she tries to help - from providing women a place to share and discuss common problems, to assisting families and children with Special Needs, to a little extra pampering at the beauty salon for Cancer Patients.

19.04 – Ted Beemer

Ted Beemer, an orthopedic surgeon, recently retired (for now at least), who for many years followed a somewhat traditional professional path, but who later in his life decided that there might be other ways he could contribute. He and his wife have now taken countless mission trips - short-term and long-term, to every corner of the globe, from Honduras to Ethiopia to China, and places in between. Ted's reflections on parenting, life choices, immigration, and things spiritual, are inspiring and challenging.

19.03 – Valentines Special

A special Valentine's episode of Grace Notes celebrating songs about love.

19.02 – Bill Myers

Bill Myers' passion for music has characterized his life for more than eight decades - first as a young boy in the 1930s, and later during his time of service in Korea, and then back in NC where he settled down and became a music educator and school administrator. In 1957, he founded a band, The Monitors, which is still going strong. He saw segregation and integration up closed, and serves as the Executive Director of the "Round House and African American Museum" in Wilson. Bill's stories - and his upbeat outlook on life - are just plain inspiring, and fun.

19.01 – Trish Bradshaw

Trish Bradshaw is a woman whose love of dance blossomed early, through her mother in New Jersey, and has flourished for some 25 years now in North Carolina, where she has choreographed countless stage production at all levels and owned and operated a theatrical dance studio in Wilson. Dance is how Trish nurtures kids, mentors adults, and gives back to her community. She refuses to measure her success in financial terms, saying it's impossible for her to turn away a child who just wants to dance. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

18.35 – Christmas Special

A special edition of Grace Notes featuring Christmas songs chosen by staff members.

18.34 – Donell Collier

Donell Collier, founder of a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to help recovering substance abusers and former prisoners. Now a maintenance supervisor and pastor, he is candid and humble, and having seen his own life transformed, he has turned his own personal experience into a ministry to those most in need of transitional assistance.

18.33 – Lillie Anderson

Lillie Anderson, current Chairman of the Salvation Army Advisory Board in Nash and Edgecombe Counties. Lillie grew up attending the Salvation Army Church in Raleigh and their spirit of giving year round has stuck with her throughout her life - and she still rings the bell for the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Drive. Lillie's dedication and optimism are a real encouragement... and she knows her music!

18.32 – A Capella Christmas

A special edition of Grace Notes featuring A Capella Christmas songs.

18.31 – Thanksgiving Special

A special edition of Grace Notes featuring staff picks centered around Thanksgiving.

18.30 – Dan Jones

Dan Jones, a longtime resident of NC, was drafted in 1943 and was eventually stationed in the Pacific, where he was active in the B-29 bomber assault on Japan.

18.29 – Megin Duff

Megin Duff, a mother of four whose willingness to help a stranger in need made a direct impact on us recently here at the station. And that despite her family's own substantial challenges. Through it all, believing that laughter is the best medicine, they've forged a remarkable bond.

18.28 – Vicki Dolan

Vicki Dolan, a woman who has dedicated her life to educating and supporting young families. Her own difficult upbringing, instead of leaving her broken and embittered, has motivated her to do all she can to encourage parents and nurture children. She says that parenting is the most important job you'll ever have. And in 2005 she founded and still runs a non-profit organization: Children's Playroom of Lancaster County, which teaches the value of positive discipline while letting kids be kids.

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